Maintenance and Upgrades Complete

Just a note to let everyone know that the planned maintenance and upgrades are now complete. Initial testing shows that everything is functioning properly, albeit a bit faster! Please let us know if you experience any problems or run into anything that isn’t right and like it’s supposed to be. We have done our best to make sure everything is five by five, but it’s possible we missed something. So, if you have any troubles at all, hit the contact form and let us know and we will work to resolve it ASAP! Thanks for your support, Enjoy!

Planned Maintenance and Service Upgrades

Here at MYfilesanywhere, we will be performing some planned maintenance starting Saturday, October 3rd at 1:00 AM EST (0100) with a planned end time of 4:00 AM EST (0400). During this time, the MYfilesanywhere application (the File Manager) and the main website will be unavailable. We don’t expect that this will be a problem for anyone, but we wanted to let everyone know anyway. The good news is the reason for this maintenance! We will be upgrading the primary servers that currently run MYfilesanywhere. This will be an upgrade to a bigger, better, faster and more reliable server in order to provide even better service to our customers. Please let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

Site Redesign and Update

Greetings all, just a note explaining the new site. I have revamped the look and feel of the site in an effort to make it simpler and more friendly, easier to use. Plus it now more closely matches the file manager itself. I have also updated some information, and lots of stuff under the hood as it were. Everything has tested fine so far, however, if you have any troubles, please contact me and let me know and I will look into it right away.


New Plan Announcement!

We know that everyone is different, and therefore we had an idea about a new plan.  Obviously we can support large requirements, like a corporate storage account where they might need 100GB of shared storage, or a power user that might need 10 or 20GB or storage.  But what about lite users?  What about the folk that just need to store a few things and don’t need all that space, and therefore don’t want to pay for all that space?  Well, this is where we come in!  We create the lite version of our Individual plan!  Yep, you get 100MB of storage, you still get Unlimited transfers and all of the other perks, but it’s only $10 per year.  You read me right, $10 per year!  How’s that grab ya?  Best of all, you still get your first month FREE!  Are we crazy or what?


Welcome to the home of MYfilesanywhere dot com, the home of a superb online file storage service.  We are in the process of getting ramped up so take a look around.